• ETF is an Index Fund.

    ETF is the yield of a particular index, or an index fund, which tracks the prices.

  • ETF is a fund takes trading in the market.

    Because the ETF is traded on the exchange in the same way as ordinary shares can deal. In other words, the intraday trading hours on phone orders or HTS, MTS can use the real-time marketing.

  • ETF is an entirely new concept of investment equipped both with index fund and with stock trading.

    EFT can be liquid and encashable in a short period of time due to its salability in the market compared to fund. Moreover, EFT, when in a predetermined resale & repurchase, can be deposited and returned, as a basket of cash or index-stock, also available with dealing on credit and arbitrage.

ETF Structure

Unlikely General Fund, ETF trades in subscription/redemption of Primary market and buy/sell of Secondary Market.

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