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Definition of TIGER ETF

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    ETF is transparent (TRANSPARENT) investment vehicle that provides investment objective, holdings and performances in real time. ETF ensures the operational transparency because the investors can check transaction results and performance immediately and portfolio details in real time by posting the Portfolio Deposit File (PDF).
    How to check your portfolio
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    ETF is an innovative (INNOVATIVE) investment vehicle that has the advantages of both stock and mutual funds. ETF is a *index fund designed to link the movement and return of a specific stock index, listed on the exchange and traded, and the same cash as stock investment through real time transactions.
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    ETF is a generalized investment vehicle that has a simple structure and it is easy to invest. ETF is a investment vehicle with a simple structure and easy to understand. Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are *linked to the returns of specific indexes and specific assets, making it easy to make investment decisions because they do not require information and analysis for individual stocks. (*Except for active ETF)
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    ETF is an efficient (EFFICIENT) investment vehicle that investors can invest through reasonable expense such as low remuneration. ETF is a structure in which investors pay stocks incorporated into the stock basket to the management company, thereby its operating remuneration is low. In addition, redemption is in-kind, so the proportion of cash holdings is small, resulting in low opportunity costs. It has no separate redemption fee, and the securities transaction tax is *exempted, which is more advantageous than individual stocks in terms of cost. (*It can be changed according to the revision of related tax laws.)
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    TIGER ETF is a reliable (RELIABLE) investment vehicles because of their variety, smartness and cost-effectiveness. TIGER ETF offers a variety of product lineups, ranging from market representative indexes to sectors, themes, styles, overseas investment, and active ETF. We will provide reliable investment solutions through innovative growth-themed products that reflect rapidly changing market and investment trends.
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